Plamax Duo  is an advanced cosmetic technology that can make you feel almost forever young. One of the most sought after non-surgical face lift treatments, with its high intensity ultrasound and Plasma technology it is fast becoming a natural alternative to botox and fillers.

Smart Plasma a non-invasive facial treatment that lifts and rejuvenates the face and neck skin, toning and redefining the face contours.

It can treat a variety of face areas such as sagging cheeks, neck, fatty jowls, eyebrow arch, double chin, and the nasolabial area to smooth lines and wrinkles.

How the Plamax Duo Facelift works

Works without the need for surgery and uses Plasma and ultrasound technology to treat a variety of skin flaws. Plasma is emitted as invisible size of 10 to 40 um which transfers the energy into the skin.Solution are dissolved into the skin temporarily as the cell adhesion molecules break due by plasma effect.The ultrasound induces an improvement in lines and wrinkle associated with a Dermo-lifting effect.

The regenerated skin will start producing more collagen and elastin thanks to the strong dermal tissue toning action promoted by the non surgical face lift device. Facial expression muscles that lose toning such as the sides of the mouth, over time are lifted rejuvenated and firmed, making you feel much younger. The full effect takes 1-2 months for the new collagen to form in the skin. The results are long lasting and you can resume their normal activities as soon as they finish the session.

How many treatments are required

This will vary from person to person and may depend on the area being treated. Older, looser skin will require more than one session but generally between 2-3 sessions are recommended every 6-8 weeks although visible results can be seen after one treatment. This will be discussed at the initial consultation.



The effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. However this does not stop the natural ageing process. We  recommend a top up treatment once every 1 or 2 years for maintenance. The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable   immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen after 6-8 weeks.

Price is from €159 , exact price available at consultation .