Skinny Minnie Sculpting

Skinny Minnie Sculpting is an innovative slimming strategy which consists of exfoliating and stimulating tissue renewal, toning the silhouette, eliminating toxins, promoting microcirculation, dissolving fat and draining tissue. 

It offers a targeted, fast, visible and immediate action on fat, cellulite, tone and the appearance of skin ageing.

A professional treatment that consists of body wraps in targeted areas and specific massages with diorite stone. 

This rare and precious massage with black rose extract offers a high hydration effect that boosts the redensifying action and anti-ageing strategy of the diorite, manganese and proline.

Suitable for anyone affected by cellulite, excess fat in tissues, lack of tone or all 3 at the same time! Those who want a short-term response with visible results before the holidays, a vacation or a special occasion.

We recommend 4 treatments (one a day for 4 days straight) for best results. 

Treatment length is approx. 60 minutes.